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Emily Grieco

Emily Grieco grew up in New York City down the block from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  As a child, she would play hide-and-seek there, and roam through the rooms like it was her playground, always inspired by the beautiful art. She says it must have been foreshadowing. Now an abstract/expressionist, the Florida resident is an established artist.  


Emily attended The Art Student League in New York CIty under the tutelage of Knox Martin, Larry Poons, William Scharf, Kenneth McIndoe, and Harvey Dinnerstein. From the first time she held a brush, she knew painting was her most natural expression.  

"I paint unrestrained paintings replete with bright hues and lush sensuality in every brushstroke.  My passion is in abstract expressionism where I am most content..  I love choosing different lines, shapes and colors that are meaningful to me. There I am captivated into the pulsing swirl of colors and vibrancy. In my work I aim to convey the passion for life. My art is meant for people to feel happy, excited and full of energy. My joy comes from that connection."    

-Emily Grieco

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